Trust In You Yellow Mustard Striped Sweater




<span data-sheets-value='{"1":2,"2":"86072-YEL-"}' data-sheets-userformat='{"2":4291,"3":[null,0],"4":[null,2,16777215],"9":1,"10":2,"15":"arial,sans,sans-serif"}' data-sheets-formula='=if(R[0]C[-2]””,R[0]C[-2]&”-“&R[0]C[-1]&”-“,””)’>We totally trust in you to do the right thing when it comes to this sweater! Which is obviously to make sure you purchase it! This striped sweater will make you look super trendy while keeping you perfectly cozy and warm! Those colors within that print are pretty fabulous as well! This sweater features stripes, a wide neckline, long sleeves, and knit fabric.

Material has generous amount of stretch.
Caroline is wearing the small/medium. 

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